Digital Marketing

Hi! Welcome to my Digital Marketing blog.

I’m Mahli, a fourth year student who is almost at the end of a double degree in Business and Arts, majoring in Marketing and International Relations at Monash University

Instagram Checkout

We all know that brands and influencers use Instagram to promote products.  I have said to myself multiple times that I would scroll back to a post to see a product that I liked the look of once I had finished going through my feed so that I wouldn’t need to leave the app mid-scroll.Continue reading “Instagram Checkout”

Are you being watched?

Have you ever been shopping with a friend or maybe even just picking up groceries for dinner and you get this feeling, so you look around but nothing seems out of sorts but you still can’t shake the feeling that you are being watched? Well that might be because you are… I knew facial recognitionContinue reading “Are you being watched?”

ASOS’s use of AR Technology

I remember the first time I watched the movie Clueless and feeling so disappointed that I couldn’t have Cher’s virtual wardrobe that would pick out and visualise outfits for her as well as showing any outfits that “mis-matched”. However, with thanks to ASOS and the evolution of technology we can now have this wardrobe, just with aContinue reading “ASOS’s use of AR Technology”

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